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Youth Projects

What We Do

The Community Connections Program is also involved in seasonal activities and projects within their own program, or as part of fulfilling the organization’s wider mission and the vision of empowering the newcomer girls and boys. Our volunteer projects allow the newcomer youth community in Windsor-Essex to simultaneously volunteer on a large scale to contribute some-thing of significance each year to the Canadian society.

The motive behind the projects is to provide a means by which Newcomer Canadians can give back to their communities and create a sense of togetherness.

Community Cup

The Community Cup is a free multicultural community celebration of sports, citizenship and arts. It is a local partnership that brings together newcomer settlement agencies and community leaders, creating a welcoming environment and encouraging interaction with the newest members of our community. All teenagers, adults and their families are encouraged to participate in this event which highlights a soccer tournament and family friendly activities.

Community Service Hours

The Community Service Projects at The Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women is an excellent opportunity for eligible high school students who are interested in completing hours of community service. Projects such as The Community Services Research Project, The Snow Shoveling Project, The Clothing and Food Drive Project and the Community Blood Clinic are a few projects where students can complete their volunteered community hours, and connect with other youth through fun and meaningful activities.

Eligibility criteria:

  • High school student
  • Status: Permanent Resident or Convention Refugee